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Local food

  • Khaosoi Restaurant
  • Tom Yam Noodle
  • Khaokaeng Pak Tai Restaurant
  • Lap Isan

Not only a variety of Thai food, but also diverse categories of restaurants Thailand has to offer, with different styles, layouts, and locations. To make it simple, let’s look at the list below to learn more about your scrumptious choices.

International restaurants are such as Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, and Vietnamese restaurants.

Mostly, fast food and delivery restaurants serving fried chicken, hamburgers, pizza, etc., are from overseas.

For street food restaurants, they provide a wide range of options, normally with rice, for customers to choose. Popular dishes are curries, stir-fried vegetables or meat, clear soup, and spicy salad.

A la carte restaurants are a unique Thai food culture where customers are served with options they picked from the menu. Each menu is normally easy and takes just a little time to cook, such as fried rice, stir-fried vegetables or meat, salad, to single dishes such as stir-fried noodles.

Food stalls offer a specific menu, such as chicken rice, stewed pork leg with rice, barbequed pork with rice, glass noodles, and noodles.

Street food in Thailand is normally seen along the street. Customers can eat it there or take away.

Food centers in department stores require coupons or cash cards in buying the food.
Buffet restaurants are where you can have all you can eat at a specific price. Japanese and grill restaurants normally offer this choice of food.

There are also many other types of restaurants that cannot be correctly categorized. However, you can absolutely find everything to eat, ranging from something you are familiar to something you are not. Check them out now!