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4 Most Visited Tourist Attractions in near Chiang Mai moat
Takes place entirely within the old city

Takes place entirely within the old city just a stone’s throw from Chiang Mai Moat

The Chiang Mai moat is a small body of water that surrounds the old city which you can still see the remains of today. it’s recommended to make the short but relaxing trek to this part of the city. If you haven’t explored this area yet, check out the Tha Phae Gate which is the eastern wall. 

Tha Phae Gate is ancient wall at moat landmarks in Chiang Mai. Located on the eastern side of the wall, it originally constructed as entrance points to the old walled city of Chiang Mai. If you go into the walled city from here, you’ll be able to explore the whole of the old city and it will also lead you to the start of the Sunday night bazaar as well as nearby temples and attractions that border the wall. 

Tha Phae Walking Street (Sunday Night Market) A walking street opening every Sunday. It has a lot of interesting things to offer to both Thais and foreigners like hill tribe products, wood carvings and handicrafts items. It’s heading to the Ratchadamnoen Road and split along the four lines of the intersection to Wat Phrasing. 

Wat Phrasing is also known as the “Monastery of the Lion Buddha’ or the ‘Temple of the Lion Buddha’ when you walk inside the temple it will lead you up to the gold-laced patterns and stunning murals. 

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