Mobile Phone & Internet

Mobile Phone & Internet

TourismThailand, 09 Jan 2020
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Prepaid Data SIM Card in Thailand

The following are the five simple steps you can take to get your Thai SIM card and mobile data plan ready.

Step 1: Unlock your phone

The first step is to have your phone unlocked from the service provider before boarding, where in some cases you may be charged a small fee for the service. Once it is unlocked, your device will be enabled for a Thai SIM card, which is available in different sizes depending on the phone.

Step 2: Get a SIM card at the airport or service provider stores

If you are staying in Thailand for a week or less, getting a mobile data plan at the airport is probably the best and most convenient option. Long-stay tourists, on the other hand, are advised to sign up for a mobile data plan at one of the service providers’ stores which can be found at local malls. At these stores, you will be introduced to a more flexible range of plans that better suit your needs at a lower price. Your passport will be required for a SIM card purchase in Thailand as the carriers need to register the SIM with the user’s name and passport number.

Step 3: Choose the carrier and mobile data plan

There are three major cell service providers in Thailand: AIS, DTAC and TrueMove H. These carriers offer a range of ‘pay as you go’ deals with 3G/4G support for both short and long-term availability, ranging from daily, weekly to monthly.

Step 4: Top up

Adding or “topping up” your mobile credit is a very easy task that can be achieved quickly at 7 Eleven, service providers’ stores and via Boonterm machines nationwide.

Step 5: Activate

SIM card activation may vary depending on which deviceand carrier you are using. Prepaid SIM cards for tourists usually offer a 30-day validity after each top-up. You can check your mobile balance and validity via these USSD codes:

AIS: *121#

DTAC: *101*9#

TrueMove H: #123#

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Wi-Fi Connection 

Hotels, restaurants and cafés in Thailand provide free Wi-Fi internet access to their guests and customers. 

Airport Wi-Fi and Internet

Free Wi-Fi is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for up to 2 hours per day via “.@AirportTrueFreeWiFi” network.

There are 126 free internet kiosks located around the airport. Each user can access a 15-minute internet connection at a time. Once the period ends, those who want to continue the service may then log in again. Internet access is also available 24 hours at CAT Telecom Internet Cafés behind the check-in counters (Row W) and at G aerobridge on the 2nd floor.

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