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  • Chill out at Bueng Si Fai
  • Visit Chaloem Phrakiat Aquarium
  • Long boat race during the month of September

Phichit Province;  a province in the lower north of Thailand, or many people know as "Chalawan city (City of Crocodile)" because it is the birthplace of "Krai Thong" folklore who conquered the crocodile. Currently, Phichit Province still has archaeological sites that were built during the Sukhothai to Ayutthaya period in Pichit Old City Park. Including the city walls, moats, pagodas, arboretum, and caves. There are temples that are priceless places, including Wat Tha Luang, Wat Khao Rupang, Wat Pho Prathap Chang and Wat Sukumaram. Another tourist attraction that is a symbol of Phichit province is the Bueng Si Fai, the largest source of fresh water in the country, which provides a peaceful atmosphere, suitable for a place to relax or sit and watch the sunset. In addition, Phichit Province has a heritage that is integrated into the current context, such as the old market, Wang Krod that still maintains the traditional way of life and affairs. Another pride of Phichit people that are famous throughout the country are Long boat race which is usually held vigorously during the month of September.

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