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Nakhon Pathom

  • Jesada Technik Museum
  • Thailand Circuit Car Racing
  • Sanam Chandra Palace
  • Western Thai Culture Institute

nakhon Pathom features an ancient religious structure called Phra Pathom Chedi, the first religious Landmark that signified the introduction of Buddhism into Thailand. Nakhon Pathom is also renowned for its abundant fruit varieties and famous regional CUISINE. It is claimed as one of the oldest cities and the centre of civilization in the Dvaravati Kingdom. Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Rachavaramahaviharn is the royal Temple in which the biggest and highest stupa of Thailand is located. The stupa is also the symbol of the City.

Visitors can visit Wat Rai Khing in Amphoe Sampran. The temple houses the Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara or ‘Luang Pho Wat Rai Khing.’ There is a market every Sunday. With the shady and pleasant area, people can take a walk and feed thousands of fish. In the temple, there is a museum exhibiting antiques found in this Local area.

For those who love Flowers, you can go to Sampran Riverside which is the Garden in Amphoe Sampran near the Nakorn Chaisri River. There are many species of flowers and performances from local people.

On 1-7 September of every year, you will be invited to join Nakhon Pathom Food and Fruits Festival at Phra Pathom Chedi’s area. There are local and agricultural products to purchase, such as pomelos, coconuts, guavas, bananas, sweet sausages, crispy pork, and pork floss.

Most of Nakhon Pathom consists of plains with no mountainous lands, though a plateau rises up in the west. The plains along the Tha Cheen River (Nakhon Chaisi River) are the location of Amphoe Nakhon Chaisi, Amphoe Sam Phran, and Amphoe Bang Len. These fertile lands provide agricultural opportunities for the people, thus most of the residents earn their living from agriculture, plantations and farms growing food crops as well as fruit orchards. In fact, Nakhon Pathom is well known for pomelos, a fruit much like a grapefruit, and some Thais call Nakhon Pathom the sweet pomelo town.

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