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Loei is a province in the northeast of Thailand. Its geographic features are like the North, that is, there are mountains with cool temperature and fog. One place that is popular among travellers who love challenging experience is Phu Kradung National Park. It is said that the couples can prove their love by going to the peak of Phu Kradung.

At Phu Kradung, travellers can see the beautiful sunrise and scenic views of fields and mountains at the Pha Nok Ann viewpoint. Along the trails, you can find heather Flowers, and their fully blooming season is during March – April. If you want to see the Sunset, Pha Lomsak is the most popular viewpoint. Moreover, you can walk on the trail to see Anodard pond, Phen waterfall and Pha Yearb Mek. You may spend 3 days to explore every attraction in Phu Kardung.

If climbing to Phu Kradung is difficult for you, you can go to Phu Ruea national park. The national park is located in the big mountain with the large pine tree field. It is less difficult than in Phu Kradung because you can drive to the campsite. Phu Ruea (sailboat mountain) National Park is named after the outstanding sail-shaped cliff in the national park.

There is a district that becomes the talk of the town among Thai and foreign travellers – Amphoe Chiang Khan. It is the peaceful city with interesting attractions. Kaeng Kud Koo, for example, is the clusters of rocks with beautiful colors under the River. In dry season when the river level declines, you will see the colors and beauty of the rocks. Chiang Khan Walking street is one of the places you can’t miss. You can enjoy walking and Shopping local products and food on the street with the over-100-year buildings along the both side of the street. The recommended food are Khaoa Pieak Sen (rice noodles soup), Mieng Kham (savoury leaf wraps), Khaow Chee (grilled sticky rice), and ancient ice-cream. 

After shopping, you can have a rest at homestays or resorts along the street with reasonable prices.

Sharing a Mekong River border with Laos, Loei province is in many ways more similar to the north of Thailand than to the rest of Isan, even earning the nickname “the Mae Hong Son of the northeast.” Loei is an up-and-coming Ecotourism region surrounded by undulating mountain ranges, abundant with various kinds of flora and capped with fog enshrouded summits. The most majestic mountains are Phu Kradueng, Phu Luang and Phu Ruea. However, while Loei features numerous outdoor activities and fascinating cultural attractions, tourism is relatively new to the province and the area is greatly unspoiled.

The temperature in Loei is generally cool thanks to the mountains and rivers it contains, but can get surprisingly cold in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. Loei has unique cultures and traditions in addition to beautiful geographical surroundings, such as the colorful Phi Ta Khon Festival. There are many spectacular sights and exiting activities awaiting travelers to come and experience the miracle of this land.

Agriculture drives Loei’s economy, with villages primarily engaged in crops ranging from macadamia nuts, passion fruit, and Arabica coffee in the highlands to bananas, sesame, and rubber in the plains; however, thanks to its spectacular natural attractions, including several national parks and the Mekong River, Loei is an up and coming ecotourism destination. As a result of its natural beauty and unique mixture of northern and northeastern cultures, Loei is creating much the same buzz Mae Hong Song once did and tourists are taking note.

Key Tips

 Loei is a province of extreme temperatures, check weather conditions and pack accordingly.

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