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  • Pa Sang Handicraft Center – The center is famous for its product from cotton fabric.
  • Doi Ka Mor – The mountain is an inactive cone-shaped volcano.
  • Wat Phra That Hariphunchai Woramahawihan
  • Ku Chang Ku Ma

Lamphun is a province in northern Thailand that has a small area but is full of great history. There are important places that have been invincible since Hariphunchai era many thousand years ago, including important places of worship in Lamphun city such as Wat Phra That Hariphunchai Woramahawihan, Queen Chamadevi Monument which was built to commemorate Queen Chamadevi Genesis King of Hariphunchai, Ku Chang Ku Ma which is believed to be the War Cemetery - War Ma (Horse) The majesty of Queen Chamadevi. Other historical sites founded on the same and is equally beautiful are Wat San Pa Luang, Lamphun Community Museum, Wat Ko Klang and Wat Cham Dhevi or Ku Kut Temple which all reflect the prosperity of Buddhism in this region. In addition to being famous as a historical city, visitors must try delicious sweet longan and buy silk weave flowers which is the famous souvenir of the province.

Travel tips 

- Admission to worship Phra That Hariphunchai, visitors should dress appropriately. Women are not allowed to wear pants and short skirts to worship relics. 

- Cruise to the Ping River should prepare sunglasses, sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, snacks and drinking water as well because it takes about 2 hours to go back and should wear a life jacket throughout the journey. 

- The best source of hand-weaving spirits in Lamphun province is Ban Wiang Yong weaving. Ban Si Mueang Yu Woven Cloth Available in silk, cotton, and fabric ready-made sewing pattern and various appliances such as bags, bags, tissue boxes, etc. 

-  Phetchabun is a small province but has the greatest history and is the oldest in the Lanna region which is known as "City Hariphunchai" with Queen Chamadevi as the first ruler of the city (Formerly known as Hariphunchai City).

In addition to Lamphun being an old city At present, it is also a place of cultivation for longan and good quality woven fabrics. Lamphun province has many interesting tourist attractions. Including temples, archaeological sites, natural attractions And tourist attractions in the arts and culture.

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