TourismThailand, 30 Sep 2019
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Tiny Lamphun and its big History

One of the smallest provinces in Thailand, the quiet town of Lamphun is charming and rich in History. From the 8th Century, the town in the capital of Haripunchai Kingdom which was originally ruled by the Mon Princess Chamadevi, before being integrated into the Lanna Kingdom in the 12th Century. 

A three-day trip in this tiny town will be a care-free city escape, though you are a solo traveler. 

Leave busy Chiang Mai behind and take the beautiful country road of 106 to Lamphun, you will be greeted by the long stretches of 100 feet high dipterocarp trees. 

Lamphun retains its enchanting ambiance of a small but old community, dotted around with Temples that mirror strong Buddhism faith. Wat Kukut of Wat Chamthewi is a good place to start your exploration. The temple houses a Bodh Gaya style stupa, from the 13th Century, which keeps the ashes of the Queen Chamdevi. 

Situated in the heart of the town is Wat Phra That Hariphunchai. Once served as the king's Palace, the royal temple has long been regarded as a significant pilgrimage site. Its main chedi houses many pieces of Lord Buddha's relics. The beautiful temple is the town’s venue of many rites and festivals. 

Get around on a scheduled tour tram and you will be drifting through the town's major attractions. Adapted from an old elegant house, Lamphun Community museum features the town's history and local lifestyle since the last century. The residence of Lamphun's last prince Khum Chao Yod Ruan showcases the town's architectural value. 

Spend a night in a cozy hotel, then head south to Li district. With great faith in Buddhism, the Karen Village of Ban Huai Tom simply through various activities and ceremonies. HomeStay service here showcases the easy life that is in harmony with nature. 

Witness the fertile forest at Mae Ping National Park that will leave you stunned once more with its picturesque Reservoir of Kaeng Kor. 

How to get there: Lamphun town is 416 miles north of Bangkok and 12 miles south of Chiang Mai.  For more information about attractions in Lamphun, call TAT Chiang Mai office at 053-248-604.