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  • Tat Thon National Park
  • Sai Thong National Park
  • Pa Hin Ngam National Park
  • Phu Laen Kha National Park
  • Mo Hin Khao

Chaiyaphum is a province located at the edge of Isan’s Khorat plateau in the area between the Central and the Northern regions of Thailand and is therefore roughly half forests and mountains, half plateau. It is a land of beautiful Dok Krachiao (Curcuma) fields and abundant waterfalls, especially in the rainy season. Chaiyaphum’s major mountain ranges include Phu Phang Hoei, Phu Laen Kha, and Phu Phaya Fo, the origin of the Chi River.
Chaiyaphum Province is famous for its natural beauty, best appreciated in its four national parks: Tat Thon National Park features dry dipterocarp forests, Sai Thong National Park contains the spectacular Sai Thong waterfall, Pa Hin Ngam National Park includes some odd rock formations, and Phu Laen Kha National Park has dense forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and rocky mountain cliffs. Chaiyaphum is a region filled with a variety of exotic flora and fauna and visitors can enjoy jungle Trekking, camping, and swimming in its outstanding natural parks.

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