Krua Mong Meng - Phetchabun

Krua Mong Meng - Phetchabun

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TourismThailand, 09 Jan 2020
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Krua Mong Meng - Phetchabun

Though being compact with a few seats to offer, Krua Mong Meng has become reputable because of its scenic mountain view, which you can enjoy while having a meal. The place, situated in Amphoe Khao Kho, provides a combination of authentic Thai-style with a touch of Chinese and Isan (Northeastern region of Thailand) menus; walking inside Krua Mong Meng will remind you of a homey atmosphere, as if you were having a dinner at the annual family’s gathering, due to its simple yet comfortable looking interior.


Despite using only local ingredients, the flavourful richness in each dish will conjure the same feeling just like when you were having the delicacies cooked by a skillful chef from some of those fancy and lavish restaurants. Plus, this place is also guaranteed by many food gurus and food tours from various TV programmes for its uniquely flavourful menu.

Krua Mong Meng - Phetchabun
Krua Mong Meng - Phetchabun

Recommended Menu


  • “Fish roll” - fresh fish meat wrapped in pork and then steamed with fragrant soy sauce. This is the staple you all have to try.
  • “Tom Yam Pla Kang" - Pla Kang’s (Asian redtail catfish) sweet and firm meat boiled in hot and sour soup to allow the mellow and spicy taste to permeate the meat.
  • “Sea Fury" - stir-fried seafood with curry paste, served on a hot pan.
  • “4 against 1” – a spicy salad added with thousand-year-old eggs (a preserved egg with a distinguishable black or green colour ) served with pork, fish, squid, and shrimp.


Krua Mong Meng Location

Address: 3 Khao Kho Phatthana Intersection, Tambon Khao Kho, Amphoe Khao Kho, Phetchabun, 67270 


Getting There: From downtown Phetchabun, head to Amphoe Khao Kho using Highway No. 2325 and then go straight pass the Talat Pattanakan Intersection. The restaurant is located at the intersection area of Talat Pattanakan.


Facilities and Services

1. Parking

2. Fruit sales (according to the season)

3. No reservations

4. Cash only

5. Takeout service



Tel.: 081-475-1640



Open daily 07.00-20.00 Hrs.


Location type: Northeastern Thai and Chinese restaurant


Dress code: Casual


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