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Oasis Pool Bar
A Rooftop Poolside Bar In An Intimate Ambience Serving Cool And Classic Cocktails With Panoramic View Of Bangkoks City Lights.

Discover These 3 Signature Restaurants in Trang
Discover These 3 Signature Restaurants in Trang.

Narai Phand
"Narai Phand" is the original and classic OTOP product sales point in Thailand. It is a part of the dissemination of quality Thai arts, culture and handicrafts to both Thais and foreigners to help and promote income for various local people.

Torakan shop is located on Thalang Road around the Old Phuket Town. This shop is named as a true expert on the Phuket folk costume, Baba – Peranakan. They provide full costume service with accessories for wearing in many festival or the tourists...