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Ocean Shopping Mall
Top brand clothes and various consumer products

Chumphon Night Market
Signature Menu: Chumphon Pad Thai, Fried Mussels

Chia's Farm, souvenirs from Chumphon’s seaside
Recommended: > Premium-grade Organic Dried Shrimps, low sodium, with sweeten flavors > Dried Organic cultivated banana (Kluai Namwa)

Woonkhunda Shop, Chumphon
Highlight: Coconut Milk Jelly with Young Coconut, Fruit Salad in Jelly Pudding

Kluai Baan Kong Shop
Highlight: Dried cultivated banana (Kluai Namwa), Chocolate coated Banana

Chumphon Fresh Market
Highlight: > Local food and dessert >Fresh ingredients for cooking, such as fish, pork, vegetables and various fruits.

Souvenir shops at Por Ta Hin Chang Shrine
Highlight: Dried leb-mue-nang bananas and processed products made from Leb-mue-nang bananas

6 Best Restaurants in Chumphon
Fulfill your Chumphon trip with delicious food and good memories

Chumphon, the gate to Southern Thailand: Treasures waiting for you to discover
If you need some rest after a long trip in Chumphon, follow us. We’ll take you to our 2 recommended accommodation in this lovely province.

Escape the Capital...to the South. Experience the Beauty of an Emerging Destination at Chumphon for 4 Days and 3 Nights
Would you believe that our trip to an emerging destination this time will consist of a lot of “unseen” destinations that you’ll fall in love with?

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