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Star Hotel
- Offers a variety of meeting rooms and supports all meeting sizes, including equipment to accommodate meetings, seminars, weddings, company events - Premium fitness center in Rayong such as cardio, body stretching course (strength training) and...

Chevala Wellness Center Hua-Hin
CHELAVA Wellness Hua Hin (Chevala Wellness Hua Hin)” Pinned a new luxury landmark for comprehensive rejuvenation of health and beauty. Promotes the industry's first "Customized" personalized wellness program by a team of leading medical...

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Wat Khao Wongkot
The temple is surrounded by mountains from 3 sides. The temple covers 48,000 square meters. On the mountain slope, there is gigantic Reclining Buddha statue. Down below, there is pavilion where the body of Monk Luang Por Charoen Ditsa Wanno, the...

2 Must-Visit Hot Springs in Trang
soaking in hot springs! Today, we will take you to two of the most well-known hot springs in Trang.

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Wat Tham Khuha Sawan
This temple is on Highway No. 222 about 6 kilometers before reaching Khong Chiam District. The temple was built in 1978 by Luang Pu Kam Khaning Chula Mani and was his residence and place of meditation during his lifetime. Despite the fact that he...

Thailand: March
Despite the hot weather, there are still many amazing attractions with lots of fantastic activities like seas and beaches

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Ban Bo Dan Hot Spring
Ban Bo Dan Hot Springs, located in Tambon Na Toei, on the Andaman coast. If you are coming from Phuket, pass through Khok Kloi intersection, and keep going straight on. At the kilometre 6 marker, you will see the entrance, then go another 3...

Travelling around Phuket and Krabi before sunset
The two-scenery town, Phuket and Krabi, are pleasing the people who love outdoor activities and visiting attractive destinations.

Thailand: November
November is the exact month of the cool season. The temperature of all parts of Thailand has decreased,

Sirindhorn Museum,Amphoe Sahatsakhan, is Southeast Asia’s most complete dinosaur museum showcasing the origin of the life and universe.

Enjoy a Heart-Warming Stay at These Comfortable Accommodations in Trang
If you plan to spend your holiday in Trang, what would be better than staying in a comfortable hotel or resort