#Wonderfruit Festival 2019

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Ban Nong Chang Khuen
Ban Nong Chang Kuen is the largest source of lamyai (longan) production. Both sides of the road leading into the village are packed with lamyai orchards. Lamphun Lamyai Festival is held annually in August.

Palio Khao Yai
“Palio” is derived from a regular horse racing festival in the centre of Siena, Italy. It literally means “reward"". So “Palio Khao Yai” led the idea of creating this romantic community situated among the valleys to be a reward to travelers.

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Khao Tham Phra
Khao Tham Phra is at Moo 8 in Tambon Noen Sala. Inside are stalactites, stalagmites and Buddha images. During Songkran Festival locals will take flowers, candles and incense sticks up the 100 steps from the foot of the hill to pay homage to the...

Torakan shop is located on Thalang Road around the Old Phuket Town. This shop is named as a true expert on the Phuket folk costume, Baba – Peranakan. They provide full costume service with accessories for wearing in many festival or the tourists...


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Bua Tong Field, Doi Mae U Kho
The Dok Bua Tong (may be classified as wild sunflowers) blooms during November painting the entire hilly area of Doi Mae U-kho in brilliant yellow draw flocks of visitors to Khun Yuam district. Camping sites arranged during the Bua Tong Bloom...