#Tat Mok National Park

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Phetbura Buddhist Park (พุทธอุทยานเพชบุระ), the power of belief of the Phetchabun people (พลังแห่งศรัทธาของชาวเพชรบูรณ์)

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Tat Ton National Park
The Tat Ton National Park covers some parts of Phu Laen Kha mountain range. To get there, take Highway No. 2051 for 21 kilometres. Tat Ton waterfall is an important tourist spot. The water here cascades down wide rock plateaus, creating...

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Phrathat Yakhu
It was originally called ‘Tat Yai’. It is the stupa from Dvaravati period. It is situated in the middle of the field in the north of Baan Sema, Kamalasai district.

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Namtok Tat Thong
It is at Kao wong district, on dong luang-mukdahan path.

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Laeng Hin Tat
It is situated in Ban Takruad District, along the border of Thailand-Burma. It is 7 km. away from Ban Kruad district, on Ban Kruad-TaPhraya path and 3 km. away from the main road.

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Namtok Tat Dao
The opposite side and a few steps away from the entrance of Tham Kred Dao is where the entrance of Namtok Thad Dao is located. Flowing through 9 floors of rocks surrounded by forest.