#Sri Nan National Park

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Khun Nan National Park
Inside of the Khun Nan National Park contains various mountains and streams which are the sources of Nan river.

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Lamnam Nan National Park
Lam Nam Nan National Park is characterized by its various kinds of forest and long mountain ranges. It is also the headwaters of the stream north of Sirikit reseroir. Its forests consist of mixed forest, dipterocarp forest, and dry evergreen...

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Prasat Prang Ku
It is located at Baan Ku, 70 km away from Sri Sa Ket. It could be accessed by walking via 2 paths; Sri Sa Ket-Surin and turn left to highway 2234.

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Wat Ku Tao
Formerly known as Wat Veru Vanaram, the temple is located in Sri Phum Sub-district, near the Chiang Mai Stadium.

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Ton Pho Si Maha Pho (The Great Bodhi Tree)
It is located in Ton Sri Maha Pho temple, Kok Peep subdistrict. The tree appears in gigantic size and is known as the oldest.

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Sri Lanna National Park
This national park has an abundance of wildlife and verdant forests, which are the sources of various tributaries of the Mae Ping River.