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Unmissable Souvenirs from Tak and Where to Find Them
If you have the chance to visit the beauty of Tak’s tourist attractions, don’t forget to also pick up some delicious and affordable souvenirs.

Khun Ma Kram Petchabun
Khun Ma Kram Petchabun shop is a souvenir shop selling tamarind products which is a famous souvenir from Phetchabun province.

Khunmae Chu
Khunmae Chu is a famous souvenir shop in Phuket, selling local souvenirs. The chili paste is the famous souvenir of this shop, such as fish curry and various chili paste. Especially, shrimp chili paste is the most popular souvenir of this shop.

Kat Doi Ti
Souvenir shopping venue that gathers souvenirs from all districts, such as Yok Dok textiles