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Pha Sam Ngao

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Namtok Ngao
Namtok Ngao located in Namtok Ngao National Park. The waterfall is surrounded by moist ever-green forest.

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Namtok Ngao National Park
Located in Tambon Ngao in the vicinity of Khlong Phrao National Park, the steep Ngao Waterfall can be seen from a great distance away because of its commanding height.

Ngao Chan
Thai Food

Ngao Market
Local goods such as local textiles, crispy pork, green chili paste and preserved pork sausages Open daily from 0700-1900 hours

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Mae Ngao National Park
High terrain and full of beautiful peaks, with the canals across the area. One of them is stunning Mae Nam Ngao.

Ngao Mai Restaurant
Km. 5, Chaiyaphum-Sikhio Road