#Sai Sorn Reservoir

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Wat Chi Pa Sitaram
It is located on Narai Road, tambon Talay Chub Sorn. It is unknown when the temple was built. Inside the temple has a bell-shaped pagona from Ayutthaya period. There also offer sickness treatment using herbal steam and Thai massage. For more...

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The Narrowest Area Of Thailand
It is located on Trat-Klong Yai Ban Kod Sai Village No.2 Ban Kod Sai, Had Lek Sub-district at kilometers mark 81-81 which the narrowest has width only 450 meters.

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Wat Sai Ma Nuea
Located near Chaophraya River, in Moo 4, Tambon Sai Ma, Amphoe Muang, Nonthaburi. Its north is connected to gardens of the locals. Its south is connected to gardens as well and Wat Sai Ma.

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Hat Wasukri
The beach is about 52 kilometres from Pattani and about 2 kilometres from Sai Buri. It is in Patatimo Village, TambonTaluban. Visitors can use the Pattani-Narathiwat route or use the route passing Hat Khae Khae to Sai Buri, or directly turn left...

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Sai Thong Reservoir
It is located at Tambon Kao Phra on the left side of the road leading to Srika-Nangrong waterfall, at km. 1 , followed by kao Turian road for 15 km.

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Hat Muk Kaeo
This area has a quiet environment suitable for resting. Muk Kaeo Beach is long white sand beach starting from Sai Ngen Beach to Sai Kaew Beach. Along the beach, there is line of pine and coconut trees. You can watch the sunset at Muk Kaeo Beach.

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Sai Ngam