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Wat Phra Thong
Situated on Thep Krasattri Road, Thep Krasattri sub-district, this temple is home to a large, gold-covered Buddha image known as Phra Phut. Only half of the image can be seen protruding above the ground and it is considered a sacred image for the...

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Hat Chom Thong
Chom Thong beach is in the area of Lam Mun Bon Dam near Chom Thong mountain, Tambon Jorakehin. The beach's width is 80 m. Its length is 800 m. The sand was put to make the land flat thoroughly. Its thickness is 10 m.

"Similan" the most remarkable marine national park: A paradise for divers around the world
Similan is the dream destination of many travellers which is full of natural beauty, breeze, bright sky, clear sea

Enjoy Koh Kood: the Paradise island near Bangkok!
One of the top attractive islands in Thailand that we will recommend today is "Koh Kood", another island that is easy to travel from Bangkok

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Prasat Pueai Noi or Phrathat Ku Thong
Prasat Pueai Noi or Phrathat Ku Thong, though this Khmer ruin is smaller than many others found in the Northeast region, it remains in good condition. Prasat Pueai Noi was built in the 11-12th century in a mixed style between Baphuon and Angkor...