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Ban Plai Castle
Prasat Ban Phlai is located at Ban Prasat, Tambon Chuea Phloeng. It is a Khmer religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Prasat resembles three prangs made of polished bricks located on the same laterite base sorted from north to south. It is...

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Wat Pho Prasat Archaeological Site
Archaeological site of Wat Pho Prasat, located in Pho Prasat sub-district, was excavated by Fine Arts Department, finding various ancient metal and baked clay utensils of the community in the prehistoric era.

3 attractions in Surin - warm your heart with the story of sufficiency agriculture in Surin
Surin is not only outstanding for its local culture in the Lower Northeast, but this small province is also full of interesting natural attractions.

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Sikornpoom Castle
Prasat Sikhoraphum is located at Ban Prasat, Tambon Ra-ngaeng, It was built according to the ancient Khmer art style that corresponds to the art of the Baphuon period, which continued onto the Angkor Wat period of the 11th-12th centuries. It was a...

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Prasat Hin Ban Phluang
It is a single building on a large rectangular laterite base that faces to the east. There is only one front entrance, whereas the other three sides act as a false door.

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Wat Ratchanatdaram Worawihan (Loha Prasat)
This temple was built towards the end of the reign of King Rama III to honour the royal granddaughter (later she was the first consort of King Rama IV the Great and was known as Queen Sommanat Wattanawadi).

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Prasat Ta Muen Thom Archaeological Site
Prasat Ta Muen Thom Archaeological Site is located at Ban Nong Khanna, Tambon Ta Mueang and is on the Thai-Cambodian border. It is a Khmer archaeological site of three buildings located nearby each other.

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Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Located on the bank of the Chao Phraya River, to the west of the city island is Wat Chaiwatthanaram. Built in 1630 by King Prasat Thong to honor his mother, Wat Chai Wattanaram was conceived as a replica of the Angkor temple.