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Wat Phichai Songkhram
Wat Phichai Songkhram is located at 29 Prakhon Chai Road, Tambon Pak Nam. It was built in the Ayutthaya Period. In the temple, visitors can see the large Chedi in a bell shape decorated with crockery.

Enjoy Shopping in Southern Isan
Buriram may be known as a city of sports but there are more than sports for you to enjoy while exploring the city and province.

Enjoy 5 Signature Dishes of Buriram
On your visit to Buriram, a province in Thailand’s Isaan region, we have collected five recommended restaurants for you.


Loi Krathong Festival in Buri Ram
Prasat Muang Tam, Amphoe Prakhon Chai, Buri Ram

Amazing Southern Isan, Amazing Buriram
Let’s explore the exquisite charms of Buriram – we’re sure they’ll make you want to visit

Mong Barbecue
Chai Prasit Road

Namchai Coffee House
Thai Food In The Nam Chai Hotel.

Kong Chai Par Wilai Souvenir Shop
Dried seafood souvenirs; dried shrimp, baked squid, organic fish, Chai squid and snakehead fish

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Wat Chai Mongkhon
The temple was built in1857, late King Rama IV period. The reason it was given the name as Chai Mongkhon because it is the victory point of boat racing while Wat Sanam Chai is the starting point of the race. Inside the temple have modern murals.

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Chaomae Song Nang Phi Nong Shrine
Situated on Samran Chai Khong Road.The shrine,was originally built of wood and rebuilt later with concrete.