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Pha Nok Khao (The Cliff of Owl)
Pha Nok Khao is a towering mountain located next to Nam Phong River, about 125 kilometres away from Khon Kaen city centre.

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Chaomae Na Pha Shrine
Commonly known as Jao Ping Thao Ma or Jao Mae Shrine, Jao Mae Nha Pha shrine is located at the western side of Ping river. The geography of the riverside is steep rocky formation, hence the name "Nha Pha" (Cliffside).

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Tham Luang–Khun Nam Nang Non National Park
Is located in the Doi Nang Non Forest Park, Pong Pha subdistrict. It covers an area of about 5,000 rai. Most of the terrain is large mountains in a row. The forest is a mixed forest full of different plants, e.g., teak, Siamese sal, red lauan,...