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Siam Dasada Khao Yai
Flowers are perhaps the most beautiful things that nature has created. Flowers are the birthplace of life and are valuable to the soul. The flowers bring good mood and happiness to those who see them. Siam Dasada Khao Yai is a resort created with...

Zen Villa Khao Yai
A Japanese-style Resort set in a beautiful garden Where guests can have a comfortable stay in the peaceful atmosphere Located at Thanaratch rd, KM 12. T. Musi the ways to Khao Yai Nation Park nearby Shopping Areas and surrounding with famous...

Lookkai Khaoyai
Corn soup Shirao Salad

Palio Khao Yai
“Palio” is derived from a regular horse racing festival in the centre of Siena, Italy. It literally means “reward"". So “Palio Khao Yai” led the idea of creating this romantic community situated among the valleys to be a reward to travelers.

Prime 19 Khaoyai
Angus Beef Steak, Charcoal Grilled Rib Eye Home-made Pizza

Khao Yai Fruit Market Center
Petch Pak Chong’s Custard Apples Grape Marinated Fish and Pork Sweet Corn

Get your money’s worth at “Khao Yai” the hub of restaurants and attractions
Speaking of a destination which is abundant in good foods and attractions, it could not be anywhere else but the much-love district of “Khao Yai.”