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Tham Mahoran
It is at Baan Nong Hin, Tambon Nong Hin, in Mahoran temple.

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Ko Lao Leang Nong
Climb some cliffs at Ko Lao Leang Nong under close supervision of rock climbing instructors.

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Wang Sam Mo Forest Park
It is at Tambon Nong Kung Tab Ma, in the area of national forest conservation site ( Ba Yao forest-Hua Na Kum forest-Nongkungtabma forest-na Yoong forest and Nong Ya sai forest). The forest park is 20 km. away from Wang Sam Mor district office.

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Bamboo Garden
It is located at Tambon Nong Hom. The area of about 300 rai gathers bamboo varieties for educational purposes and propagation.