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Lam Nang Rong Dam
It is the area for sustainable development project. Lam Nang Rong dam is a soil dam. We can enjoy the scenery and the restaurants.

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Thung Laem Reservoir
It is located on the edge of highway 24, 4 km away from Nang Rong district, on the path to Hin Phanom Rung castle. It is a small reservoir adjusted for sight seeing. There are shelters for relaxing. There would be a lot of birds in summer.

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Namtok Lan Rak (Namtok Tat Hin Kong)
Situated in Phramani Sub-district on the way to Namtok Sarika and Namtok Nang Rong, this is a unique waterfall originating from a small stream which flows through a large rocky formation at the foot of a small hill. The best time to visit the...

Enjoy 5 Signature Dishes of Buriram
On your visit to Buriram, a province in Thailand’s Isaan region, we have collected five recommended restaurants for you.

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Ban Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation Tourism
Explore Ban Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation Tourist Center.

Hotels in Buriram : Charming Places, Best for Your Relaxation
there are some excellent hotel options that are close to both types of attractions. Here are two of our favourite hotels.

4 Must-See Places in Chiang Rai
northern Thailand is a popular tourist destination particularly in the winter months

Buri Ram
Buriram is a land of volcanoes and ancient Khmer civilization site in Thailand which make it important as a historical tourist attraction. In addition, Buriram is also nicknamed as the land of stone castles. To emphasize its richness in cultural...