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Thong Buak Restaurant (The Gold Plus)
Smoked Pork Ribs Thong Buak Salad Beef Tongue Stew

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Namtok Ngao
Namtok Ngao located in Namtok Ngao National Park. The waterfall is surrounded by moist ever-green forest.

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Namtok Kham Cha-i
Namtok Kham Cha-i is a small, but beautiful waterfall.

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Namtok Daowadueng
One of the most beautiful waterfall in Baan Thung Ruang Thong, Mae La Noi Sub district, 6km away from the district. The water falls between rocks in layers, especially in rainy season.

Wat Yai Noodle
Wat Yai Noodles - Braised pork noodles, braised beef noodles, chicken drumstick noodles and blood soup noodles (namtok).

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Namtok La-Ong Rung
Namtok La-Ong Rung is in Moo 3, Tambon Baan Rae, 80 kilometres away from downtown Yala.