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Tham Yai Nam Nao (Phu Nam Rin)
Tham Yai Nam Nao Cave, or Phu Nam Rin, is about 955 meters high. Inside features the cave that is naturally beautiful with stalactites and stalagmites.

Banmai Chay Nam Pak Chong
Snail Curry Fried shrimp Chili Paste

Khrua Nan Nam Restaurant, Pak Chong
Pad Thai Cellophane Noodles with Shrimp Cracked Belly Curry Stir-Fried Sunflower Sprout in Oyster Sauce

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Dinosaur Footprints Park
Dinosaur footprints were found on sandstond cliff, nearby foothill in national sanctury and Nam Nao National Park. Whereas there were some traces of sharp nails, which were characteristics of carnivorous dinosaurs, mainly walking with two back legs.

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Suan Phupana
Phupana garden is an interesting argicultural tourist attraction of Nam Nao District. There are many pots of flamingo flowers, especially the Plai Chum Phol species. This site was awarded the first place in flowers in the International...