#Mueang Trat

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Don’t Miss These 5 Restaurants in Trat
Though famous for its crystal clear sea, Trat is also home to a variety of delightful dishes, especially featuring fresh-from-the-water seafood.

Explore Trat Beyond its Islands
Let us change your view of Trat and introduce you to more than just the sea and sand.

Escape to Two of Trat’s Best Hotels
After months of hard work, holidays are meant for recharging energy.

See & Do
Chao Por Lak Mueang Shrine
The building is built in Chinese style. It is there to protect the city of Trat from the danger. The City Pillar is the center of the Thai-Chinese relationship.

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Ko Kut
It is the farthest East island of Thailand in Trat Sea. It is second to the biggest island in Trat and is the 4th biggest island in Thailand.

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Wat Phai Lom
It is the most important temple in term of education of Trat. This temple was the residence of the father of education of Trat. Inside the temple, there is a garden for the people to meditate. There is also Samtan Jaokhun museum pagoda which is...