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Wat Ming Mueang
It is located on Suriyapong Road and enshrines the City Pillar of Nan province, which is kept in the tetrahedron pavilion in front of the Ubosot. The City Pillar is 3 metres high. The base is decorated with wood carved with lacquer patterns and...

5 of the Best Restaurants in Nan
Incredible food is easy to find throughout Thailand and the province of Nan is no different! Let’s take a look at some of the best restaurants in Nan

Nan Ek

Ban Thananchai
Ban Thananchai is a souvenir shop in Nan city that sells arts and handicrafts, the local textile and souvenirs in Nan province.

When arriving in Nan province visitors have to visit Wat Phumin to see the painting "Pu Man Ya Man", which is a valuable ancient and unique Tai Lue woman and woman that has been dubbed as the world whispering image. Not far from Wat Phumin is home...

OTOP Nan Center
OTOP Nan Center is the center of OTOP products from all over Nan city. In this place, the visitors can buy souvenirs at an affordable price with friendly service and a smile.