#Mae Moei National Park

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Mae Hong Son
This northern province in Thailand is well known for a laid-back vibe, outdoor activities and beautiful local culture.

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Mae Moei National Park
Located in Tha Song Yang district. There is a border area with Myanmar with the Moei River as the borderline.

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Mae Tho National Park
Covers in jungle the water came from Mae Jam creek and Mae Lid creek. Wild animal sighted includes chamois, barking deer, Asian Black Bear, wild boar, birds, etc.

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Khun Phawo National Park
A newly opened national park. Located at Baan Nong Luang Moo 3 Sam Meun districit, along the Mae Ramad-Baan Tak Highway. It is around 18 kilometers from Mae Ramad district, covering an area of 380 square kilometers. Formerly known as Mae Kaesa...

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Mae Tho Waterfall
This waterfall is active year-round, with seven stories and 40m height. It is located in Khun Jae National Park, 30 to 40 minutes drive from the park's office then walk to the waterfall. Normally it would take 2 hours to visit all 7 stories.

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