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Enjoy Refreshing Trip in Koh Chang, Best Island Destination in Eastern Thailand
" Koh Chang" is a famous place for Thai and foreign tourists that can be visited all year round.

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Chiang Saen Lake
Drive five kilometers south of Chiang Saen, along Highway No. 1016 (Chiang Saen-Mae Chan route), take a left turn and you will find Chiang Saen Lake: a large natural reservoir with scenic surroundings. The lake is home to large flocks of migratory...

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Phrathat Ku Chan
Phra That Ku Chan is located in the compound of Ban Ku Chan Temple. It is considered as a sacred monument local people.

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Khao Kaen Chan
Khao Kaen Chan, or originally ‘Khao Chan Daeng’, is a 141-metre-high mountain on Phetkasem Road two kilometres from the main provincial area.

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Kat Doi Ti Market
Kat Doi Ti also sells carved wood from Mae Ta District which is the well known product of Mae Ta District (known as OTOP in Thailand).