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Laem Ngop Viewpoint
This old pier features a striking lighthouse as well as a signpost marking the easternmost point of Thailand, which is perfect for a souvenir photo. It’s also easily the best spot to view a majestic sunset in the whole of the region.

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Laem Krating Cape
Located in Karon subdistrict between Nai Han and Hat Nui beaches, Laem Krating is a grassy knoll which leads down to a sheer cliff, beyond which lies The Andaman Sea. It is advised to visit the cape from 16.00 onwards for the best lighting and...

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Khao Din Sor

Sor Arunyik
The arunyik knife is a wisdom inherited from the people of Vientiane, Lao PDR. who migrated to Ban Ton Pho and Ban Phai Nong in Siam during the early Rattanakosin Era. From the past to the present, the villagers of Ban Ton Pho and Ban Phai Nong...

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Laem Ta Chi (Laem Pho)
This is another white-sand beach extended from Talo-kapo Beach. It has been the accumulation of sand spit into the Gulf of Thailand on the north. At the end of the beach is an open area with wider view, best for sight-seeing. There are two routes...

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Laem Sing
Located just one kilometer from Surin Beach, Laem Sing is a relatively small quite beach perfect for a break from the crowd. Laem Sing has a white sandy beach that glitters in the sun and is dotted with uniquely shaped rocks.

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Laem Thaen

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Laem Samila
Next to Laem Son On to the south. There is a road parallel to the beach with shady pine trees along the way. On the beach, there is a statue of a mermaid sitting on a rock called “Ngueak Thong”, which is the symbol of this beach. Not far from the...