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Khunmae Chu
Khunmae Chu is a famous souvenir shop in Phuket, selling local souvenirs. The chili paste is the famous souvenir of this shop, such as fish curry and various chili paste. Especially, shrimp chili paste is the most popular souvenir of this shop.

Chumphon Fresh Market
Highlight: > Local food and dessert >Fresh ingredients for cooking, such as fish, pork, vegetables and various fruits.

Ocean Shopping Mall
Top brand clothes and various consumer products

Souvenir shops at Por Ta Hin Chang Shrine
Highlight: Dried leb-mue-nang bananas and processed products made from Leb-mue-nang bananas

See & Do
Khao Din Sor

Chumphon Night Market
Signature Menu: Chumphon Pad Thai, Fried Mussels

Kluai Baan Kong Shop
Highlight: Dried cultivated banana (Kluai Namwa), Chocolate coated Banana

Woonkhunda Shop, Chumphon
Highlight: Coconut Milk Jelly with Young Coconut, Fruit Salad in Jelly Pudding

Chia's Farm, souvenirs from Chumphon’s seaside
Recommended: > Premium-grade Organic Dried Shrimps, low sodium, with sweeten flavors > Dried Organic cultivated banana (Kluai Namwa)

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