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Memories of Trat Day, on its 115th Anniversary
The field in front of Trat Provincial Office

3 Royal Palaces to Get Hand-on Historic Experience
If you only have 1 day to spend and to travel around Bangkok, do not miss to visit these royal palaces while learning the history of the Thai society.

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Wat Niwet Thamprawat
This temple, which was built Rama V (Chulalongkorn), looks more like a Gothic Christian church than a Thai temple. Visitors can access the temple by crossing the river in a small trolley-like cable car. The crossing is free of charge. There are...

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Bank of Thailand Museum
Bank of Thailand Museum is located in the Bang Khun Phrom Palace, one of the splendid historical sites in Bangkok with artistic beauty in architectural designs and decorative arts. The Palace has a long history tracking back to nearly one hundred...

4 Must-See Attraction in the City of 4 Rivers
Wondering what to see and where to visit in Nakhon Sawan? These four popular places and events in Nakhon Sawan are always a hit with visitors.

History & Geography & Geology
With long periods of Thailand’s history, according to evidences and studies, Sukhothai was the first kingdom of Thailand.