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Big, blue and Beautiful "Samae San Island" Sattahip
Samae San Island on the easternmost tip of Chonburi province is relatively unspoiled despite its proximity to everything

Pupen Seafood Pattaya
Recommended menu: Stir Fried Squid with Salted Egg Yolk, Steamed Pooma (Flower Crab), Stir Fried Pooma (Flower Crab) with Curry

Charin Nong Mon
Recommended Menu: Deep fried crab ball, Deep fried crab meat, Crab fried rice

Thai Garden Resort
Thai Garden Resort Pattaya is located in North Pattaya just 1 km away from Pattaya Bay, walking distance to Terminal 21 Pattaya, and a total of 227 4 stars standard rooms ready to provide a relaxing comfort home away from home.

Hops Brewhouse
Recommended menu: Pizza Four Seasons, Crisp Knuckle of Pork with rice, Marinaded Mussels, Sausages, Tiramisu

Siam Bayshore Resort
Siam Bayshore Resort is the perfect blend of cost effectiveness and comfort providing a well designed amenities accommodating your every needs with a unique calming atmosphere. Nearby tourist attractions are the Pattaya Hill Hop (0.4 km.) and...

Mae Niyom Grilled Sticky Rice in Bamboo
Recommended : Grilled sticky rice in bamboo, Thai sweetmeat made of flour, bean, taro, coconut, and lotus seed

Ban Panlada Pastry Shop
Recommended menu “Sam Chan Kua Prig Klue : Streaky pork with stir fried chili and salt”

The Chocolate Factory Pattaya
We serve foods, desserts, and drinks. You can enjoy scenery Pattaya beach in 180-degree panorama view within 2-storey store. We have various-flavor chocolate making session dail.

Bua Tong
Huge souvenir center selling grilled sticky rice in bamboo (Khao Larm), flour sweetmeat, daifuku (mochi), squid snack, and many more

The Sky Gallery Pattaya
Recommended menu: Truffled Scallop Risotto, Pizzas, Tray Papaya Salad

Rain Forest Cafe Pattaya
Recommended menu: Frutti Salad, Salmon-wrapped Shrimp Salad