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Wat Thep Nimit Songtham
Bo Ya Cave is a cave situated on the hill at Hin Kon village, Nong Krot sub-district, Mueng district, 30 killometres from the city along Nakhon Sawan-Lat Yao route before turning at the entrance junction to Wat Tham Bo Ya (Watsriutumpron) for 6...

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Mueang Thong Kham Ban Bo Thong Museum
It is located in the area of Bo Thong district office. It was built as a memorial and a source of knowledge about the history of gold mining.

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Namtok Tao Thong
Situated in Tambon Bo Sen, 19 kilometres from Phang-nga town or 8 kilometres before Thap Put district, this shady waterfall originates from a stream flowing from a dark cave.

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Namtok Tat Hueang (Namtok Thai-Lao)
It is 25 km away from the district. In the area pf Ban Bo Muang Noi, there appears a big and tall waterfall which originates from Huang stream. It is surrounded by abundant forest.

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Tham Khao Cha-Ang Song Khrueang
It is about 19 kilometers towards east from Amphoe Bo Thong. It is a large cave that can fit thousands of people.

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Bueng Kluea

Ban Bo

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Nong Prachak Public Park
It is in Udon Thank municipal area. Nong Pra Chak is a big pond existing long before there is Muang Udon Thani. The original name was Nong Na Kluea then changed to ' Nong Prachak'