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Wiang Lo Ancient Remains
It is far from center of Chun district from highway no. 1021 to Ban Huay Ngew for 17km and has walking route to Ban Nam Chun for 12km.

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Laeng Hin Tat
It is situated in Ban Takruad District, along the border of Thailand-Burma. It is 7 km. away from Ban Kruad district, on Ban Kruad-TaPhraya path and 3 km. away from the main road.

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Na Yung-Nam Som National Park
An interesting tourist destination like Yoong Thong waterfall is located at Ban Sawang, Moo2, Tambon Na Yoong. It is on Phu Phan mountain.

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Ban Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation Tourism
Explore Ban Bang Rong Agricultural Conservation Tourist Center.

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The Narrowest Area Of Thailand
It is located on Trat-Klong Yai Ban Kod Sai Village No.2 Ban Kod Sai, Had Lek Sub-district at kilometers mark 81-81 which the narrowest has width only 450 meters.