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Ko Samet

Koh Samet is a small Island in Rayong province, around 200 km Southeast of Bangkok, along the way to Trat province and the island of Koh Chang. Technically part of Khao Laem Ya - Koh Samet National Park, Koh Samet is a popular weekend getaway for Thais and foreigners living in Bangkok, so there are dozens of Beach resorts, bars, and restaurants on nearly every beach, although visitors are allowed to camp if they wish to do so.

Quiet and relaxing on the weekdays, raucous and fun on the weekends, Koh Samet is, despite its proximity to Bangkok, a beautiful island with powdery white sand, generally great year round weather, and a variety of lodging options.

Koh Samet derives its name from the cajeput trees that grow on the island, called “samet” in Thai. In the past however, it was called Koh Kaew Phitsadan, the "Magic Crystal Island.” It’s no surprise from that name that Koh Samet was chosen to be part of a national park.

Visitors to Koh Samet looking for unspoiled beauty have to get away from the more developed beaches along the east coast, though even the most popular beaches are quite beautiful. Those looking for more relaxation can book rooms at the more upscale resorts on the west coast, which are spectacular places to watch sunsets.

Koh Samet (Samet Island) has been one of popular tourist destinations for Thais and foreigners alike for a long time. With its proximity to Bangkok, Koh Samet is a favorite weekend getaway for city people. This small island is famous for its numerous splendid beaches with white silky sand that has drawn a stream of visitors throughout the year.

Koh Samet is a small island in Rayong province, located just over 6.5 km off the coast of Ban Phe. On the island, there are various types of accommodations, restaurants, and bars. There are also several convenient stores. The island is well-developed to be an excellent tourist destination.

Koh Samet boasts a number of fine white sandy beaches. The famous Samet beaches are Hat Sai Kaew, Ao Noi Na, Ao Luk Yon, Ao Phai, Ao Putsa, Ao Tubtim, Ao Lung Dum, Ao Cho, Ao Tawan, Ao Wong Duean, Ao Thian, Ao Wai, Ao Kiu, Ao Pakarang, Ao Karang and Ao Phrao.

Besides its beautiful beaches and crystal clear Sea, Koh Samet offers so many more activities that make it a perfect getaway for groups, families, or lovers.

Travel Tips

The best time of the year to visit Koh Samet is during October – April when the seas are calm.

There are dozens of beach resorts, guesthouses and bungalows around popular beaches. Some beaches are allowed for camping with rental tents and camping grounds available. 

Key Tips

 Make sure that you wear mosquito repellent around dawn and dusk as it is possible to contract Dengue Fever on the island.

 The best time of the year to visit Koh Samet is during the cool season between November and February when the weather is cooler, and the seas are calmer. 

 Room rates are considerably lower than published the low season (March – October).

 Koh Samet has no fresh water source. Water must be brought in from the mainland or gathered from the rain. Please use sparingly.

 There are three ATMs on Koh Samet: one outside the 7-Eleven at the arrival pier in Nadan, and two near the 7-Eleven just outside the national park entrance booth by Haad Sai Kaew.

 Prices for goods such as mosquito repellent and rates for motorcycle rentals are slightly lower in Nadan, where passengers alight from mainland ferries.

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