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  • Rocket Festival in Rainy Season
  • Phra That Yasothon
  • That Kong Khao Noi
  • Khit pillows (Triangular pillows) of Ban Si Than

The smallest province in the lower northeast of Thailand’s Isan region, it is famed for its Rocket Festival, which is celebrated at the commencement of the Rainy Season. The homemade rockets, some capable of firing hundreds of feet into the sky, pay homage to the god of rains. The celebration lasts for days with elaborately decorated floats paraded through the town and live music performed for those interested in dancing or partying late into the night. 

In yasothon town, the main attraction is Phra That Yasothon a greatly revered Lao-style Chedi believed to be over 1,200 years old. It enshrines holy relics of Phra Ananda, one of the Buddha's chief disciples. Other historic temples include That Kong Khao Noi, an ancient Khmer Chedi with a brick and stucco Buddha that is ritually bathed during the Thai new year’s celebrations in April. 

For those interested in handicrafts, the Village of Ban Si Than is renowned for the triangular pillows found in most Thai households and Beach bungalow bars.

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