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  • Ay Yer Weng Sea Of Mist
  • Ban Lang National Park
  • Yala Central Mosque
  • Ban Lang Dam

The landlocked province of Yala is the administrative centre for southern Thailand and features a pretty and well-organized town that contains a number of parks and ponds. Otherwise, there are few attractions within the town that are geared towards visitors, though Local Seafood restaurants are held in high regard by Thai and Malaysian visitors. However, once outside of Yala town, there are numerous waterfalls, caves, and other natural attractions for visitors to explore.

Yala’s population is a fascinating combination of Thai Buddhists, Thai Muslims, and Chinese Thais. With these different beliefs and cultural heritage, Yala is another great place for those who love learning about people. 

Take a tour around Yala’s City to see old buildings. Try a Boat Trip in Than to Lake. Go Trekking along nature trails. Visit Bang Lang Dam. Take a mineral bathe in Beton Hot Spring.

There are many types of foods for you to choose from in Yala, including central Thai foods, Local southern foods, Chinese foods, and Muslim foods. For Betong, which is a big Chinese community, the famous dishes are chopped chicken and stewed pork belly with taro.

Great souvenirs from Yala are fresh fruit, foods, and handcrafted products. Many of which are OTOP goods.

Key Tips

 Because of regional unrest, visitors to Yala should exercise special caution and remain vigilant with regard to their personal security. 

 Travellers should be aware of occasion security measures in affected areas, such as curfews, military patrols, or random searches of train passengers.

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