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  • Tinsulanond Bridge
  • Wat Ja Ting Phra
  • Klong Hae Floating Market
  • Laem Son On

Over the last few decades, Songkhla has been rapidly developed and is currently a unique attraction worth visiting. Blessed with natural resources, such as fine Beaches, enchanting waterfalls, and a tranquil Lake, the province has an abundance of tourist attractions and an amazing number of seaside resort towns. Moreover, the old section of Songkhla still maintains its unique identity of ancient and Historical flavours through Local architecture and CUISINE

An undeniably historic town endowed with ancient ruins and places of cultural importance, Songkhla is a melting pot of Thais, Chinese and Malays, and charms visitors with its unique traditions, dialect, and folk entertainment. These characteristics are reflections of the province’s rich cultural heritage, which has been preserved and passed down from generation to generation.

Hat Yai, a district of Songkhla, is perhaps better known than the provincial capital itself. Hat Yai serves as a southern hub of communication, trading and transportation as well as a gateway to Malaysia and Singapore. In light of this, Hat Yai has gained importance as the Driving force of economic growth in the southern region.


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