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Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan province is situated only twenty-five kilometers from Bangkok, just north of the Gulf of Thailand. The old section of the district is still referred to as Pak Nam, which means "River mouth,” a logical name for the city at the mouth of the Chao Phraya River. Samut Prakan Province covers 1,004 square kilometers of seasonally flooded plains, crisscrossed by canals.

Samut Prakan is not a popular tourist destination in and of itself and therefore there are few guesthouses or hotels; however, because of its proximity to Bangkok many visitors make day trips from the capital to see the attractions in Samut Prakan, including the Ancient City, the Erawan museum, and the Crocodile Farm. As Samut Prakan has many expatriate foreigners, English is commonly spoken and there are shops and restaurants that cater to foreign residents and visitors.

Samut Prakan is located next to Bangkok. The north borders Bangkok and Chachoengsao, the east borders Chachoengsao, the south is the Gulf of Thailand, and the west is Bangkok,

The geography is all flatland and plains with the Chao Phraya River running through the city on its way to the Gulf of Thailand. Its coast is 47.5 kilometers long. Samut Prakan, Thailand, is known as the province of industry, Fishing, and agriculture.

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