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  • Ranong Governor’s Grave
  • Ton Phet Waterfall
  • Ngao Waterfall
  • Koh Phayam

Ranong is the most northerly province on Thailand’s Andaman coast, located 568 kilometres from Bangkok. Ranong is known for its long rainy season, which lasts for 8 months each year. A mountainous and heavily forested province, Ranong is best known for its capital City of the same name, which serves as a major Fishing and trading port. It was originally settled by the Hokkian Chinese, and their strong influence remains evident in the town. Ranong town is also a gateway to Myanmar, with colourful longBoats ferrying produce and people across the narrow divide that separates the two countries. The traffic is even heavier these days since a casino opened at Victoria Point in Myanmar. Just outside of Ranong town are the famous Ranong hot springs, where an arboretum and various first-class hotels cater to visitors eager to benefit from the medicinal properties of the mineral waters.

Visitors should not miss these attractions when visiting Ranong: Ranong Governor’s Grave, the Chinese grave of Phraya Damrongsucharit Mahisornphakdee (Kho Su Chiang), the Ranong’s first governor. The grave land was dedicated by King Rama V, located on a small hill. Both sides of the grave are 15-meter-high ancient stone dolls. The grave is near waterfalls and Souvenir shops; Ton Phet waterfall, the 11-level beautiful waterfall with all-year-round cascades from the source of water from Phota Chong Dong mountains which is the highest mountain in Ranong; Ngao waterfall, located in Tambon Ngao which is now the area of Namtok Ngao national park. The water flows down from the high mountain ridge, so it can be seen from afar. Panda crabs, the latest-found crab species in the world, can be found in the waterfall area; Phukhaow Ya (grass hill) or Khaow Hua Lan (bald hill) or Khao Phee (ghost hill), the treeless hill with green grass. In the rainy season, the hill becomes lush and hill, but in summer, the grass dies, and the hill becomes brown

Victoria Point or Koh Song is an Island in Myanmar with the Kraburi River separating between Myanmar and Ranong. It is the centre collecting Local products such as Jewellery, wickers, Myanmar’s lacquerware. Tourists can take a long-tailed Boat to Myanmar with the ticket price 200-300 baht. Before going to Myanmar, you have to go to the immigration office first. 

If visitors fancy to spend a few nights on an Island, Koh Phayam is good choice. It takes about 1-2 hours from the pier at Ranong estuary to the island. The island is known for its white sandy Beach and a place for planting cashew nuts. A number of sea gipsies live on the Island, and you can rent a private long-tailed Boat for 1000 baht to go back to the mainland.

Some don't-miss festivals are Phra Tham Phra Khayang Fair, the fair is held during Chinese New Year’s Day for 3-7 days. People can go to Khayang Cave to pay homage to holy things; Ga Yu Fair, every March is the time when Ga Yu trees or cashew nut trees are fully ripe; Image Boat Procession and Races, boats will be beautifully decorated, and the Buddha image will be placed on the boat. The boat will be paraded along with the Kraburi River community.

Key Tips

 May through October are the rainiest of all Ranong’s Rainy Months.

 For a real off-the-beaten path Thai Island, Ranong’s Phayam is one of the least visited in Thailand.

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