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  • Phrarajnivesmarugadayawan
  • Cha-am Beach
  • Kang Krachan Dam

Phetchaburi is a province that is famous for its natural charm of Beaches and mountains. The province is located not too far from Bangkok, so it is one of the most visited tourist destinations by Thais and foreign travellers.

Petchaburi is situated on the northwestern shores of the Gulf of Thailand and borders Myanmar (Burma) to the west, where the dense jungle peaks of the Tanaosri Range serve as a natural division between Thailand and Myanmar.

In the current Ratanakosin Era, Petchaburi has changed its character to a town of charming beauty, with peaceful seaside resorts and superb natural reserves. Three kings of the Ratanakosin Period, King Rama IV, V, and VI established their rainy season retreats here, each building a Palace respectively named Phranakhonkhiri, Phraramrajanivet, Phrarajnivesmarugadayawan. Consequently, Petchaburi is also known as Muang Sam Wang, the City of the three Palaces.

Petchaburi province is also well known for its splendid Historical park, ancient temples, wonderful Beaches and caves, as well as a great variety of Local foods and fresh Seafood. Petchaburi also has a popular resort town, Cha-Am, which is the premier beach resort in the province.

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