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Nakhon Sawan

  • Bueng Boraphet Aquarium
  • Pak Nam Pho
  • Pas San
  • Khao Nor - Khao Kaew
  • Wat Sri Uthumphon

nakhon Sawan province is a gateway between the central and northern regions of Thailand. With a low-lying landscape on the banks of the River. Places that tourists tend to think of first when visiting nakhon Sawan is Bueng Boraphet which is a natural Lake of habitats for many species of birds. There are also Boat trips to see the lotus Flowers and the Aquarium for those interested to study. For those who like to Travel in a cool, stylish style, recently, nakhon Sawan province has just released "Pas San", a new Landmark of Pak Nam Pho with distinctive curved architecture suitable for visiting, checking in, taking photos as well as seeing light and sound activities at night. In addition, Nakhon Sawan Province also has many interesting tourist activities such as visiting Chansen Ancient City to marvel at the magnificent dragon and lion dancing processions at nakhon Sawan Chinese New Year. Conquering the Khao Nor - Khao Kaew to experience the beauty of a Thai house built entirely from teak wood and the Hanuman Phlabphla shaped entrance at Wat Sri Uthumphon and Phra Chulamanee, the golden-coloured chedi at Wat Kiriwong well as strolling and enjoying views on the Dechawongse Bridge which is a historic bridge over 60 years old. Don't miss to buy Mochi snacks; provincial famous dessert.

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