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Maha Sarakham

  • Sadue Isan
  • Phra Buddha Ming Mueang
  • Chulabhon Forest Park
  • Ku Santarat
  • Nong Khuen Chang Handicraft Village

Maha Sarakham is located in the heart of Isan, Thailand’s Northeastern Region. With lots of educational institutes, the province is a significant educational centre in the region, earning it the nickname “Taxila of Isan” (Taxila was an ancient learning centre in India). Maha Sarakham is also the Buddhist centre of Isan, as many Buddhist Archaeological artefacts were found here, including a Relic of Lord Buddha in Amphoe Na Dun. Such evidence leads to the theory that the site was once the location of an ancient kingdom dating back over 1,500 years. A pagoda was built in Maha Sarakham to mark the glory days of Buddhism and to serve as a venue for important Buddhist rites in the region.

In addition to being a rather lively college town, Maha Sarakham is famous for its Historical sites, beautiful Buddhist temples and Buddha images, and exquisite woven materials, including handmade silk and cotton fabrics. Otherwise, the people of Maha Sarakham are primarily engaged in agriculture, the mainstay of the province’s economy.

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