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Hat Yai

  • Kim Yong Market
  • Tang Guan Mountain
  • Chinese-Malays-Thai culture
  • Songkhla Lake

Hat Yai (frequently spelt Had Yai) is the largest City in southern Thailand, located near the border of Malaysia and populated by nearly 800,000 Thais. Hat Yai is located in Songkhla province and, while not the provincial capital, is home to The Prince of Songkhla University, making it southern Thailand’s educational centre as well as the south’s heart of transportation, commerce, and Tourism.

Regional attractions include Songkhla Lake (the largest in Thailand), an enormous reclining Buddha that visitors can walk inside, the Bhasawang Big Splash (a 15-meter long water slide), and the region’s most popular spectator sport, bullfighting.

Hat Yai is also a Shopping heaven. Kim Yong and Santisuk Markets are full of Imported and Local goods which are sold at amazing prices as well as incredible Food that many shoppers indulge in, day and night.

The area is also home to nakhon Hat Yai Park. The cable car rides are a must if you are in the area. Or you can always Travel to Songkhla and visit Tang Guan mountain, the old cities, or the mermaid statue at Samila Beach.

Among other things, Hat Yai is renowned for its outstanding seaFood, which is served in various styles thanks to Hat Yai’s diverse population of Chinese, Malays, and Thais. Hat Yai also features a multitude of markets, both Local and international in style, and has a festive NIGHTLIFE, including pubs and discos that are particularly popular with tourists from neighbouring Malaysia.

Key Tips

- Monthly bull fights are held at Nurn Khun Thong Arena on Highway No.4 near the airport.

- hotels are frequently booked over Malaysian Holiday weekends when it is recommended to inquire in advance to make sure that rooms are available prior to arrival.

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