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  • Chao Phraya Dam. This dam is the first dam in Thailand.
  • ChaiNat Bird Park. This park has the largest bird cage that contain a lot of bird inside it.
  • Khun Sawan Monument. The monument that build to honor one of the Bang Rajan warrior group name Khun Sawan.
  • Wat Maha That. This an old temple that is stand still through time and history in Prak city. Inside the temple there are LopBuri era art style pagoda called Phu Ma Phuang.

Chai Nat is a province that has many rivers flowing through, making this City very fertile. It is a city with a long History since the Sukhothai period. Therefore, there are many Historical sites to see such as Wat Maha That, Khun Sawan Monument, Wat Karuna etc.

Now, Chainat is famous and has handicrafts, wickerwork, molding, weaving and Benjarong making. With exquisite workmanship by the skills of different groups of villagers, their handcrafts can reach both domestic and international market with modern style and affordable prices.

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