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Bueng Kan

  • Phu Thok
  • Wat Sawang Ar-rom (Wat Tham Si Thon)
  • Phu Lung Ka
  • Nong Kut Ting

Bueng Kan offers various kinds of tourist attractions either waterfalls or mountains. It borders the Mekong River and Bolikhamsai province of Laos. It is a newly established province but contains lots of interesting places including natural, Historical, art and cultural places.

When visiting Bueng Kan, travellers should not miss Phu Lung Ka where the stupa of Phra That Phu Lung Ka is situated; Phu Thok, the mountain where Wat (Temple) Chetiya Khiri Wihan or Wat Phu Thok is situated. The sandstone mountain contains Pho Thok Yai, Pho Thok Noi, and Buddhist hall. Visitors can walk and go sightseeing around the mountain; Phu Wua Wildlife Sanctuary, a lot of beautiful viewpoints and waterfalls can be experienced there such as Ched Si Waterfall which is the biggest waterfall in Bueng Kan, Tham Phra Waterfall, and Tham Foon Waterfall; Beung Khong Long and Hat Kham Somboon; Kaeng Ar-Hong; Nong Kut Ting and much more.

Visitors can try both Thai and Isan Food in this province. Since the province borders the Mekong River, the recommended food is fish with a different cooking process such as frying, steaming, stir-frying, or fish in spicy soups.

Feel like Shopping? Laos Market in Muaeng Bueng Kan which opens every Tuesday and Friday offers some vegetables, dried food, and fresh food at the market.

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